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Attendance Policy Update

Please be aware that Coleman policy mandates that ANY student who is suspended from his/her program for ANY reason must sit out ONE full term (undergraduate: 10 weeks, graduate: 5 weeks) before he/she may petition for reinstatement.

For international students, please be aware that if you have less than 80% attendance (more than TWO absences) , you will be suspended from Coleman University, and your F1 status will be terminated per SEVIS regulations.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor for clarity. This policy will be effective starting March 16, 2015.

New Term Ending Dates Lost Password?

Starting in January 2015, all terms at Coleman University will begin on Monday and end on the final Sunday of the term. For undergraduates, this is the Sunday of Week Ten and for graduate students it is the Sunday of Week Five. Tuesday of the final class week is the last day to submit any assignment for grading.

If you forget your Webclass username or password click the "Lost password" link below the Login button and check your CU email. Passwords won't be sent to an outside address. CU email passwords can be reset using student-reset@coleman.edu.

As a normal security feature of Coleman University's Active Directory (AD) system,  you are periodically asked to update your password when you sign into the Coleman domain -- if you haven't updated your password recently, your password may have expired and will no longer work in the AD-fed systems, including Webclass.  This is not a fault of Webclass but a security feature designed to protect your account.

Resetting your password in Webclass should also reset your Active Directory password.

Webclass uses your official student.coleman.edu email address.  All electronic communications from the school utilize that address -- including your password reset instructions -- you are responsible for checking that email account and for the information sent to you there.