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Coleman University will never ask for your credentials or password via email.   

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Webclass will be down each Friday from 8AM until approximately 11AM for scheduled maintenance.

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Assessment Advisory

Be advised that student work may be anonymously used for program assessment.

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Coleman University uses a plagiarism detection software known as Turnitin.

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Academic Advisors

If you have questions on your program it is important that you contact your advisor.

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Phishing Warning

Coleman University will never ask for your credentials or password via email. Any such attempts are hostile acts and should be ignored. Always check the full sending address of any emails that claim to come from Coleman University - they will only come from addresses listed as @coleman.edu.

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Resetting Passwords

If you forget your Webclass username or password click the "Lost password" link below the Login button and check your CU email. Passwords won't be sent to an outside address. CU email passwords can be reset using student-reset@coleman.edu.

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Assessment Advisory

As part of on-going program improvement efforts, submitted student work, grades, or assessment marks may be used as inputs to the process. Enrollment in courses at CU and submission of work implies agreement with this anonymous use of your work.

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Turnitin Notice

Coleman University uses a plagiarism detection software known as Turnitin. Students agree that, by taking this course, all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to Turnitin for the detection of plagiarism. Once a paper is submitted for final grade, it will be included as a source document in Turnitin's reference database and will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. Students recognize that self-plagiarism is a unique form of plagiarism that is punishable to the same extent as external plagiarism is. Punishments may include any or all of the following: receiving a zero on the assignment, failing a course, being suspended from school, being expelled from school.

Providing a fast, reliable and secure service is something that Turnitin takes seriously. Find the current Turnitin system status through this link.

NOTE:The Turnitin Support team has reported users encountering trouble during the Turnitin submission process where the screen became unresponsive or the uploading screen was displayed for more than 2 minutes.

This issue is likely caused by cookie management settings and can happen with any browser. Turnitin requirements are that Internet browsers must be set to allow all cookies from Turnitin.com. Therefore, to resolve this issue, anyone experiencing submission issues should update their browser preferences to allow third-party cookies, or at least enable all cookies from Turnitin.com. Once this setting has been changed, reopen the browser, log back in, and retry submitting the document.

Here are the instructions on managing cookies for common browsers:

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Academic Advisor Listing

Advisors are assigned by student last name, they can provide help on any program or degree.

Call the Coleman University main line 1-800-430-2030 and ask for your advisor by name.

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