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15 - 18 Dec 2014
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New Term Ending Dates Lost Password? General Concerns

Starting in January 2015, all terms at Coleman University will begin on Monday and end on the final Sunday of the term. For undergraduates, this is the Sunday of Week Ten and for graduate students it is the Sunday of Week Five.

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As a normal security feature of Coleman University's Active Directory (AD) system,  you are periodically asked to update your password when you sign into the Coleman domain -- if you haven't updated your password recently, your password may have expired and will no longer work in the AD-fed systems, including Webclass.  This is not a fault of Webclass but a security feature designed to protect your account.

Resetting your password in Webclass should also reset your Active Directory password.

Center for Academic Success is Now Online!
Turnitin LogoColeman University uses a plagiarism detection software known as Turnitin. Students agree that, by taking this course, all required papers may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to Turnitin for the detection of plagiarism. Once a paper is submitted for final grade, it will be included as a source document in Turnitin's reference database and will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. Students recognize that self-plagiarism is a unique form of plagiarism that is punishable to the same extent as external plagiarism is. Punishments may include any or all of the following: receiving a zero on the assignment, failing a course, being suspended from school, being expelled from school.

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