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Course Week 13 Nov - 19 Nov 2017 Undergraduate 5/10 Graduate 5/5

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Academic Advisors

If you have questions on your program it is important that you contact your advisor.

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Assessment Advisory

Be advised that student work may be anonymously used for program assessment.

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Please be aware that Grammarly will only accept documents up to 20 pages in length. You will need to submit larger documents in stages.  There are also limits as to how many documents can be submitted in a 24-hour period: we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last moment to submit work to Grammarly, especially toward the end of a term.













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If you forget your Webclass username or password click the "Lost password" link below the Login button and check your CU email. Passwords won't be sent to an outside address. CU email passwords can be reset using student-reset@coleman.edu.

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Assessment Advisory

As part of on-going program improvement efforts, submitted student work, grades, or assessment marks may be used as inputs to the process. Enrollment in courses at CU and submission of work implies agreement with this anonymous use of your work.

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Academic Advisor Listing

  • Undergraduate, Network Security or Cybersecurity: Kevin Wooll
  • Undergraduate, Software Development, Game Development and Graphic Design: Leia Guillermo
  • Graduate students: Kevin Wooll

Other Available Assistance

Call the Coleman University main line 1-858-499-0202 and ask for your advisor by name.

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